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Volunteers Requirements

We love our volunteers! We appreciate all of the wonderful parents and grandparents who touch the lives of our students each day. Volunteers are the reason our Kindergarten program is so successful. 

Please go to the district web site for further information and to download the appropriate forms needed to complete the fingerpinting process. This can take some time so we strongly encourage families to start the process as soon as possible.


California law does not allow school districts to charge fees to students for curricular and extracurricular activities. However, as you are aware, due to state budget cut backs, schools can no longer afford to fund many of these activities. Therefore, we are requesting voluntary donations from parents to offset the costs of these programs. Parents are not required to make donations and all students may participate in extracurricular activities regardless of whether their parents make a donation. You are not required to purchase the items listed below. For additional information, please visit the CUSD link on Student Fees.

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Green Eggs and Ham

We will celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday and St. Patrick’s Day on Monday, March 17th by serving Green Eggs and Ham at snack time.  Please notify your child’s teacher if there is a dietary concern.


Farrell's Night Out

On Tuesday, March 18th there will be a Farrell’s Night out. Many teachers will be serving the families and it is always a great fundraiser.


Spring Conferences

*Conference Week March 24th - March 28th

Minimum Day:

M, T, Th, F           7:45-11:20 and 8:40-12:15

Wed                      7:45-11:20          


Parking Lot Safety

Please remember that when dropping off or picking up your student, to be considerate and merge with others. Always use the crosswalk and watch carefully for pedestrians. Numbered stalls are assigned for staff parking

Imagination Machine

The Imagination Machine is an acting group from Orange County Performing Arts. They act out stories written by students during an assembly.  Each story submitted must be labeled with the student’s full name, grade level and teacher’s name.  All entries will be due in the beginning of April  in the school office.

Thank You

Many thanks for working so cooperatively with us to make this an exciting, challenging and growing time for your Kindergartener. 

Conference Week

*Conference Week March 24th - March 28th

Minimum Day:

M, T, Th, F           7:45-11:20 and 8:40-12:15

Wed                      7:45-11:20          


Wish List

Colored Card Stock


Days to remember

Please bring a share on Monday's and Friday's relating to our theme of study or our letter of the week.

Fridays: Spirit Wear

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Kindergarten Dismissal

Please meet your student at their classroom.  For student safety, please wear your Kindergarten Parent Badge while on campus, especially at Dismissal. 

Call-in Sick Line



Room Mom 13-14 E-Mails

Room 1: 

Room 2:

Room 5 :

Kindergarten Writing Rubric

Picture details (who, what, where)  2 pts. ._____

___ ___ __Spaces between words 2 pts. _____

c/a/t   Beginning, middle, ending sounds 2 pts. ______

Aa Bb Cc      Letter formation 2 pts. ____(Be a letter detective; look for caps and lower case

letters in the right places.  Remember to start your letters at the top)

/\_____.?!  Punctuation 1pt. _____  (Every sentence begins with a capital and ends with a . ? or !)

Drop off /Pick up

Please remember when dropping off or picking up your student to be considerate and merge with each other. Make sure you always pull all the way forward. If you want to stop, please park in a spot (1-15) or at the sports park. Always use the crosswalk and watch carefully for pedestrians. Refrain from parking on the red curb.

Kindergarten Locker

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